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700 Series Casement Windows

We build this window to be a part of your home permanently.
It’s no temporary fix. We guarantee its performance for life.

Figure 1 A casement window above the sink in a customer’s home.

Tough, commercial grade frame

Ordinary windows are built on lightweight frames made from recycled vinyl. These frames sag, warp, and crack when the walls flex and shift in response to changes in temperature. By law, these windows cannot be used in structures with more than three floors. Commercial grade windows, on the other hand, are built to bear the burden of structural shift, and to perform for decades without cracking or changing shape. That’s why we build every window to meet that standard—we design it to last.

American hardware

All of our windows come with fully rust-proof hardware, made by American workers. We guaranty that it’ll work just as well as it did on the day it was first installed, for the life of the window.

Casement crank
Figure 2 Open and closed interior views of the Series 700 casement window.

Third-party certifications

Glass pack: Energy Star 6.0

Window: Energy Star 6.0

NFRC Authorized Certification: Certified in all categories


Frame & Sash Extrusions

Engineered polyvinyl w/ titanium (BPA-free)

Cam locks

Machined powder-coated steel

Dual-pane glass

0.125-inch tempered or annealed

Low-emissivity coating

Titanium dioxide

Gas fill

Argon 40 (non-toxic, non-flammable)


Structural joints

Thermal fusion

Balancer type

Constant force system

Spacer type

Stainless steel enclosed dessicant

Low-emissivity application

Two-surface sputter coating