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700 Series Specialty Windows

Ovals, octagons, triangles, half-circles, pentagons—you name it.
And we’ll guarantee it for life.

An octagonal WeatherGard vinyl picture window

Achieve the perfect fit.

You can get a WeatherGard window, with all its characteristic strength and lasting efficiency, in almost any shape, size, or color you can imagine. Match the architectural style of your home while benefiting from our technologically evolved Series 700 windows.

A half-circle style WeatherGard vinyl window
Figure 1 A large Series 700 half round with extended legs, in tan with white grids.

Cardinal® insulated glass

The best windows in the world come with glass built by Cardinal® IG, including all windows produced by household names like Pella® and Andersen®. It’s the best insulated, longest lasting glass pack available, and we’re the only Michigan window manufacturer who can offer it.

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Strong, long-lasting frames

Our windows are built to stand up to years of use and exposure as well as the pressure creating by flexing and settling structure which destroy other windows. That’s why we can guaranty our window for life, while our competitors cannot.

The Last Windows You will ever need

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