Helping Families Reconnect Through Sailing

Compass Point Veteran Outreach is a non-profit organization, 501c(3) that recognizes the turmoil and frustration experienced by returning veterans and their families while they reestablish themselves in society.

Our mission is to provide an evidenced based practice that utilizes adventure therapy through the challenges of sailing. We aim to give families an opportunity to reconnect with adventure and sailing.

“We can’t direct the wind, but we can change the sails.”

We at Compass Point believe that the best way for veterans and their families to reconnect is with other veterans and their families in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Compass Point offers a sailing experience for families called Adventure Therapy. Adventure Therapy challenges individuals to become mentally and physically engaged in adventurous activities. The unfamiliar nature of these activities creates a climate in which individuals can challenge their current perceptions and behaviors.

Overcoming Challenges

“The Compass Point sailing program provided my family with an exciting opportunity to build communication and problem solving skills. The Compass Point training was top-caliber and encouraged each of my family members to learn and to grow — while developing important safety skills and also having fun. What an amazing opportunity to learn about facing and overcoming life’s challenges…”

No Distractions

“…The opportunity to going sailing was amazing. I have been boating and fhing all my life however the chance to be on the water with silence really gave me and my son an opportunity to just enjoy nature and the importance of family without any distractions. What a great day on the water…”