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Eager to serve 9 million Michiganders.

Residential Projects

We serve all residential customers across the state of Michigan, including nearly all of Michigan's major urban centers and larger suburban communities. These include:

  • Detroit proper, along with its suburbs (inner and outer-rings), and Lapeer
  • Grand Rapids and its outlying suburbs and nearby communities
  • Flint and its immediate surroundings
  • Ann Arbor and its immediate surroundings
  • Lansing and East Lansing proper, and the whole greater Lansing area
  • Jackson proper and its immediate surroundings
  • Kalamazoo proper, along with nearby communities (incl. the Portage area)
  • Battle Creek and its immedate surroundings
  • Muskegon and its immedate surroundings
  • Monroe and its immedate surroundings
  • Adrian and Tecumseh and the surrounding area
  • Port Huron and the surrounding area

Commercial Projects

We regularly take on large-scale multi-family and commercial projects across the entire state of Michigan, including (but not limited to) Petosky, Traverse City, and the Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland tri-city area.