Energy Audit

Advanced Thermography

Thermographs of your home reveal how heat enters and leaves the building envelope.

Blower Door Test

A high-tech blower door test accurately spots convective energy loss.

Detailed Results

Get detailed actionable results, so you can make optimal investments in your home.

Let building science inform your plans.

Before having work done, we can send one of our specially trained auditors, who'll use thermal cameras along with some other tools and techniques to develop an energy loss profile of your home. With that information in hand, we can work with you to determine which potential projects will make the best use of the money you want to invest.

A thorough, point-by-point assessment.

A range of problems can cause unnecessary energy waste. Issues that seem harmless—a humid attic, for example—can cause insulation to perform well below its rated R-value. We'll identify every trouble spot by taking a close look at the building envelope, the basement, the attic, and more.

Improve your home intelligently.

Getting the most out of the money you spend to make your home more energy efficient is not as easy as replacing windows or having your attic insulated. The first step is to determine exactly how and where your house is allowing heat to intrude or escape.

How is your home wasting energy?

Home with blue dots pointing where a house can waste energy?

Schedule an audit, and we'll find out.