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How is your roof holding up?

There are many tell-tale signs that your roof could be nearing the end of its useful life. Look for any of the problems below to determine whether you should consider replacement before winter.

From top-left: a rotten shingle, algae streaking, a buckled shingle, a curling shingle, granule loss into a rain gutter
Roof conditions

Underlayments & Breathability.

Climate is an important consideration when choosing an underlayment. If snow and ice will cover vents, the wise move is a breathable underlayment.

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Breathable and non-breathable underlyment comparison where the breathable keeps the air circulating inside the roof

The stack effect.

To move air throughout the attic, it’s necessary to achieve a “stack” effect, in which airflow across the roof draws air up through soffit or edge vents. The air is pulled through the attic, and then flows of out the ridge vents or can vents.

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The Stack effect representation of an attic with the correct Stack Effect.

Protecting Against Ice Damming.

Shingles and underlayments can’t prevent leaks when water sits stagnant. During winter, water becomes trapped at the eaves, often causing considerable damage.

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Illustration of a roof with ice damage leaking water inside the house through a corner in the ceiling.

Ice and water shield is the best defense.

A water-tight layer of rubber membrane, that can keep standing water at bay is the only way to mitigate the danger posed by ice buildup.

Illustration of a properly shielded roof that will resist ice damage.

Chimney Saddles & Flashing.

A chimney saddle provides a downward path so that water, ice, snow, and other debris are drawn past the chimney to the eaves.

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Illustration of a properly installed Chimney with Saddles and Flashing protection.

High-Tech Shingles

Complete color and style options.

Because Atlas® offers a wide variety of shingle colors and styles, we’re confident that we can help you make a selection that’s just right for your home.

SBS rubber and granule retention.

Shingles fail when granule loss exposes the asphalt to the sun. When the asphalt cracks, the matt is unprotected and rapidly deteriorates. Atlas® Stormmaster incorporates SBS rubber to reduce granule loss by 90%.

Industry-best algae resistance.

Atlas® shingles include far more algae-resistant copper-coated granules than competing algae-resistant shingles. Preventing algae lichen growth, helps to further prevent granule loss.

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