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Commercial Grade Frames & Sashe.

Our unique "beveled picture frame windows" are made to last. We use frames strong enough to resist the forces that cause ordinary windows to warp, sag, crack, and leak.

WeatherGard workers

Built to survive structural shift.

Buildings flex and shift in response to seasonal changes in temperature. These movements create pressure which destroys residential and builder grade windows. That’s why we install far stronger commercial grade windows—they bear the load created by structural shift, decade after decade.

Illustration of a several weights over a Window

Fusion welded joints remain airtight forever.

Many residential grade replacement windows are built with mechanically fastened corner joints, which inevitably leak air and moisture, allowing heat and humidity to infiltrate during the summer and to escape during the winter. We fusion weld each joint to ensure maximum strength, airtightness, and watertightness for the life of the window.

Illustration of WeatherGard frames welded and sealed.

Colors & Woodgrains.

Our engineered vertical woodgrain finishes look and feel like top-choice furniture grade lumber. With no maintenance.

Illustration of the different accents and finishes with tan, white, redwood, cherry, mahogany, walnut, oak and golden peca options.

Energy Efficiency.

One of the most effective ways of cutting energy consumption is to swap out aging windows for technologically evolved replacements.

Get real energy savings.

Much of the energy that homes consume is lost through outdated inefficient windows — as much as 25%, according to the Department of Energy. New, efficient windows stop that energy loss, producing substantial, immediate savings on utility bills.

Maintain consistent savings for decades.

Ordinary residential replacement windows are known to crack and warp in as little as 7 or 8 years. The result is a severe decline in the windows’ efficiency. WeatherGard windows are built to resist the deterioration, to maintain peak energy performance for life.

WeatherGard Lifetime Guarantee
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Companies: Energy Consumers, Atlas Pro, AAMA, NRRC, Energy Star, BPI.