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Projects that Improve Energy Efficiency


There’s a lot of talk out there about projects that will improve home energy efficiency. Here we outline the projects that will give you the best return on your investment.

Almost 50% of your energy costs come from your heating and cooling systems, so it’s important to make this the most efficient part of your home. There are different things you can do to mitigate these costs and make sure you’re not heating or cooling the great outdoors. Below we discuss three projects that are worth investing in, and which will give you the best returns.

Cellulose insulation
Cellulose insulation is a safe, environmentally friendly way to improve your home's energy efficiency significantly, with a modest investment.
Nest thermostat
A Nest® programmable learning thermostat.

An energy efficient home can save you money but it also can extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Not to mention by making these sorts of improvements you can reduce carbon emissions and air pollution, by saving electricity and/or natural gas.

This article was written by WeatherGard and was published in July 2012.