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Gutters protect your foundation. They’re essential.

Gutters keep rainwater from saturating the foundation.

A number of problems are possible if a home’s foundation is frequently soaked. Gutters deposit runoff far enough from the foundation to avoid these problems.

Figure 1 Shown here are various problems associated with water saturation of the foundation.

Seamless aluminum

The gutters are custom made to fit each specific overhang, to create a clean, seamless appearance and prevent leaks. And every corner and end cap is then sealed with a quality sealant.

Flip-up downspouts make lawn care easy.

Downspout extensions protect your home’s foundation by keeping water away from the house. We often install extensions that are attached with a hinge, so that mowing and weed-trimming are as easy as before.

Figure 2 A hidden hanger, in position inside a section of ordinary K-style rain gutter.
Figure 3 Thanks to a coarsely threaded, heavy-duty wood screw, the hangers can support 300lbs. per linear foot.

We use “forever” hidden hangers—not spikes.

Standard fascia spikes are weak, and they don’t last long. The weight of water and debris will pull spikes out of the fascia, causing gutters to sag. We fasten gutters with hidden hangers that will support up to 300lbs. per linear foot.

Valley splash guards prevent overflow.

Roof valleys channel large amounts of water to the corners of the gutters, sometimes leading to spill-over during heavy rains. Since this can create problems for landscaping, we install splash guards near every valley.

Get gutter protection.

We install a capably engineered aluminum gutter guard system that is made nearby in Romulus. It’s convenient, it prevents ice buildup, and you never have to worry about debris clogging your gutters.

Figure 4 Clean Sweep® gutter protection, installed on a section of standard white, K-style aluminum gutter.

Cleaning your gutters can be dangerous.

Each autumn, thousands of Americans get hurt while cleaning debris out of their gutters. We invite you to not be one of them.

Figure 5 Every year, thousands of homeowners are seriously injured in ladder accidents, with gutter cleaning being among the most dangerous due to height.

Prevent ice dam formation.

Near the end of winter, melted snow flows toward the eaves. If a mound of ice has formed there, the water will be trapped, soaking the roof and causing leaks.

Debris-filled gutters can anchor large, damaging ice dams. That’s why keeping them clear of leaves and other material helps to protect your roof.

Eliminate enormous icicles.

Installing effective gutter protection minimizes winter ice buildup at the eaves, reducing the size and number of large, potentially dangerous icicles.