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It’s winter. Too late to replace my windows?


No matter what season of the year it is, we can insulate your home and replace your windows.

“Is it supposed to be this cold?” you wonder as you check the thermostat. It’s set to the right temperature, the furnace is running, it’s blowing hot air but you’re still freezing. The problem isn’t the furnace. It’s those draftyold windows and an attic built needing more insulation, but what can you do? It’s winter—too cold to get someone to come out and put some windows in, or to spray in new insulation. Right? Wrong.

End vent window during winter
A WeatherGard end-vent sliding window installed in a customer’s home in Huntington Woods, MI.

We think winter is a great time for making energy saving home improvements, and we’ll tell you why:

Window window installation
new window is installed in a brick home during the winter.

Now, of course you have some concerns. It’s cold outside, and not the best time to have holes in your house. But we’re experts, and we focus on keeping your home warm and protected as our experienced install team ensures that any draft you notice during installation is the last one you’ll feel in your home.

This article was written by Fenestration Group and was published in December 2016.