Detroit Crime Commission

For 2022, WeatherGard has joined forces with the Detroit Crime Commission (DCC) to help fight human trafficking in and around Metro Detroit. Employing a blend of state-of-the-art software and highly-trained intelligence experts, the DCC tracks and identifies human trafficking activity in connection with local and regional law enforcement.

Since its inception in 2011, the commission has been instrumental in thwarting dozens of human trafficking threats—and now you can help. Select the DCC as your charity of choice to receive a 2022 donation from WeatherGard Cares.

Help Put a Stop to Human Trafficking

While the Detroit Crime Commission employs high-end tools and tactics, there are simple methods the average person can use to help put a stop to human trafficking. Due to a number of circumstances, help is often just out of reach for those in peril - that’s why it’s important for good citizens to look for signs in potential victims, including:

If you witness one of more of these signs, please contact the DCC at 313.706.9610 or alert local authorities.

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