Locally-owned. Eco-friendly.

Energy efficiency is what we do.

Our business is fundamentally about making Michigan homes more energy efficient. We’ve designed our windows and doors so that they won’t have to be torn out and dumped in a landfill. Instead, they continue to keep energy costs low for generations. Every day, we’re installing those windows and doors, and we’re insulating attics and basements with quality Michigan-made materials.

Fortunately, we can make progress without asking people to make due with less. The upgrades we provide make homes more comfortable year-round while ensuring that less electricity and natural gas is needed.

We recycle everything.

It’s crucially important to protect our local natural environment from pollution and depletion. That’s why we see to it that waste materials are always properly recycled when install a new roof. That’s why we use locally a sourced cellulose product made from post-consumer recycled paper to insulate our customers’ homes.

We partner with others to make a difference.

WeatherGard is the only company in Michigan to qualify for the Consumers Energy Made in Michigan program for insulation and windows. By partnering with Consumers Energy, we can offer the following incentive payments to homeowners who are considering upgrading windows, patio doors, and attic insulation:

Consumers Energy headquarters in Jackson, Michigan
Consumers Energy headquarters, in Jackson, MI.