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WeatherGard’s Summer Sales Event - Now though Labor Day

Save big on all on the home improvements you need now.


We offer every shape and style — with a unique commitment to quality. No one does replacement windows like WeatherGard.


No matter which door you buy, it was made by American workers in Farmington, MI or Sugarcreek, OH.


We ensure proper internal ventilation, ice protection and valley/chimney sealing, to avoid costly problems.


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We’re a family-owned company serving Michigan, and it’s always been our mission to design and build a window that’s perfect for Michigan homes. Something tough, efficient, and affordable.

Our commerical-grade windows are engineered for Michigan’s unique climate and built right here in Michigan.


These windows create a classic look, and make cleaning from the inside easy.

Picture Windows

Achieve exactly the appearance you intened, while totally sealing the weather out.

Patio Doors

Offers a full-scale view to the outdoor spaces and a secure entrance and exit.

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