700 Series
Double Hung

Quality Hardware & Mechanical Parts

The steel cam locks slide with one quick motion, and the constant force balancers ensure smooth glide. All metal parts are 100% rust-proof.

White cam lock
Nickel-plated steel cam lock, in white.

Easy Cleaning

Washing the window is quick — release the track latches and pull. The sash will tilt back as shown below.

WeatherGard 700 Series double hung replacement window with tilting sash
Double hung window with tilt latch released, to enable cleaning of the exterior glass.

Energy Efficient

The numbers are absolutely clear: we are selling the most efficient double-pane window you can buy.*


Frame & Sash Extrusions

Engineered polyvinyl w/ titanium (BPA-free)

Cam locks

Machined powder-coated steel

Dual-pane glass

0.125-inch tempered or annealed

Low-emissivity coating

Titanium dioxide

Gas fill

Argon 40 (non-toxic, non-flammable)


Structural joints

Thermal fusion

Balancer type

Constant force system

Spacer type

Stainless steel enclosed dessicant

Low-emissivity application

Two-surface sputter coating

Third-party certifications

Glass pack: Energy Star 6.0

Window: Energy Star 6.0

NFRC Authorized Certification: Certified in all categories

* Testing performed by Keystone Certifications in 2016.