700 Series
Sliding Window

End vent window
A smaller 3-panel "end-vent" sliding window, seen here in a customer's kitchen in Huntington Woods, MI.

Removable sashes make cleaning easy.

Easily lift the sashes out of their tracks** to clean the exterior glass and sash surfaces. There's no need to get out a ladder or compromise clear views by cleaning with a hose.

Sliding window in Ann Arbor
A large 700 Series double-glide window is seen here in a customer's sitting room in Ann Arbor, MI.

Long-lasting Commerical Grade Frame

We use the purest non-recycled vinyl, and twice as much of it, to construct heavier, stronger window frames. Typical frames sag and crack when a home or apartment building flexes or settles in response to many years of seasonal temperature changes. Our windows are designed to resist this pressure, and they last a lifetime as a result.

End vent slider frame
The left interior corner of an end vent slider window frame.

Energy Efficient

The numbers are absolutely clear: we are selling the most efficient double-pane window you can buy.*


Frame & Sash Extrusions

Engineered polyvinyl w/ titanium (BPA-free)

Cam locks

Machined powder-coated steel

Dual-pane glass

0.125-inch tempered or annealed

Low-emissivity coating

Titanium dioxide

Gas fill

Argon 40 (non-toxic, non-flammable)


Structural joints

Thermal fusion

Spacer type

Stainless steel enclosed dessicant

Low-emissivity application

Two-surface sputter coating

Third-party certifications

Glass pack: Energy Star 6.0

Window: Energy Star 6.0

NFRC Authorized Certification: Certified in all categories

* Testing performed by Keystone Certifications in 2016.

**For especially large windows, it may be necessary to have two or more people lift the sash out of the tracks, as large dual-pane glass units are heavy.