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WeatherGard Guarantee

This limited transferable guarantee (the “Guarantee”) covers any defects in workmanship or materials in our 700 Series GardTech™ windows and doors as provided below.

What does this Guarantee cover?

  • All vinyl extrusions are warranted against chipping, cracking, peeling, blistering, warping, or sagging.
  • All balancers, rollers, locks, keepers, and hardware are warranted to operate properly and serve the design function.
  • All glass units are warranted against seal failure which results in dust, film, or condensation forming between the panes of glass.
  • Screen frames are covered for the full term of this warranty. Screen fabric, including accidental tears, are covered for the full term of this Guarantee with rescreening supplied free of charge at our factory.
  • Color coated exteriors are warranted to perform under normal weathering conditions for a period of ten (10) years and will not crack, pit, peel, blister or suffer non-uniform fading discoloration, unless such discoloration results from unequal exposure of surfaces to the sun and elements.

Who is covered?

This Guar­an­tee cov­ers the owner of the premises in which our GardTech™ win­dows and doors are installed.

How long does the coverage last? If the prod­uct is in­stalled in a sin­gle-fam­ily res­i­dence that you own or oc­cupy at the time of ini­tial in­stal­la­tion, this Guar­an­tee re­mains in force for as long as you own and oc­cupy such res­i­dence. If the prod­uct is in­stalled in a build­ing other than an owner oc­cu­pied sin­gle-fam­ily res­i­dence, the Guar­an­tee is non trans­fer­able and will re­main in force for ten (10) years from the date the prod­uct was orig­i­nally in­stalled in the premises. Proof of pur­chase is re­quired to ob­tain warranty coverage.

What does this Guarantee not cover?

  • This Guarantee does not cover damage resulting from fire, misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, acts of nature, or normal wear and tear (including natural weathering or fading of surfaces and/or hardware finishes).
  • If you change or alter any item covered by this Guarantee, including, without limitation, by application of harmful solvents to the product, then this Guarantee will no longer apply to such item.
  • Caulking/silicone is required in most installations. This is not considered a part of our product and is therefore not included in this Guarantee.
  • This Guarantee does not cover condensation, as condensation is the natural result of moisture in the house and changes in temperature and humidity and does not indicate a defective window or door.
  • GardTech™ windows and doors may, as an option, be purchased with unfinished wood interior surfaces (including bay or bow window shells) that must be finished prior to, or immediately after installation for maximum protection. Unfinished wood surfaces that experience water damage at the jobsite or are left unfinished after installation and become stained or damaged will not be considered as defective in materials or workmanship under the terms of this Guarantee.

How do I get service?

You may re­quest ser­vice for your GardTech™ win­dows un­der this Guar­an­tee by call­ing Weath­er­Gard at 248-967-8822 or by email­ing service@weathergardwindows.com.

What will WeatherGard do to correct the problem? If your GardTech™ win­dows are de­fec­tive dur­ing the term of this Guar­an­tee, then Weath­er­Gard will pro­vide, free of charge, all la­bor and ma­te­ri­als re­quired to re­pair or re­place the de­fec­tive items. Weath­er­Gard has com­plete dis­cre­tion to de­cide whether to re­pair or re­place such de­fec­tive items. Due to changes in tech­nol­ogy, re­place­ment ma­te­ri­als may not be iden­ti­cal to the ma­te­ri­als that were orig­i­nally in­stalled, but they will be of sim­i­lar or higher qual­ity. If the paint on any of your win­dows or pa­tio doors is de­fec­tive dur­ing the ten (10) year cov­er­age term, then Weath­er­Gard agrees, at its op­tion, and at Weath­er­Gard’s ex­pense, to ei­ther the ap­pli­ca­tion of touch-up paint or the com­plete ex­te­rior sur­face re­coat­ing of such de­fec­tive paint coat­ing. Col­ors may vary slightly.

How do I transfer this Guarantee?

This Guar­an­tee is trans­fer­able (for owner-oc­cu­pied sin­gle-fam­ily res­i­dences only) one time only by the orig­i­nal pur­chaser to the suc­ces­sor owner of the prop­erty, pro­vided Weath­er­Gard re­ceives writ­ten no­tice of the trans­fer of ti­tle to the prop­erty within 30 days af­ter the date of trans­fer of own­er­ship. Upon trans­fer to the suc­ces­sor owner, this Guar­an­tee shall ex­pire af­ter a pe­riod of thirty-five (35) years from the orig­i­nal date of installation.

Exclusive remedy, implied guarantees, & other important legal information

Your sole and ex­clu­sive rem­edy for any de­fect is the re­pair or re­place­ment of the de­fec­tive item, as pro­vided in this Guar­an­tee. This ex­clu­sive rem­edy shall not be deemed to have failed its es­sen­tial pur­pose so long as Weath­er­Gard is will­ing and able to re­pair and re­place the de­fec­tive la­bor and/​or ma­te­ri­als. Weath­er­Gard’s li­a­bil­ity un­der this Guar­an­tee is lim­ited to the cost of the items pur­chased. Un­der no cir­cum­stances shall Weath­er­Gard be li­able to you or any other per­son for in­ci­den­tal or con­se­quen­tial dam­ages of any na­ture, in­clud­ing, with­out lim­i­ta­tion, dam­ages for per­sonal in­jury or prop­erty dam­age. This Guar­an­tee has been pre­pared in ac­cor­dance and shall be gov­erned by Michi­gan law. Weath­er­Gard’s em­ploy­ees and rep­re­sen­ta­tives can­not change this Guar­an­tee in any way or give any other guar­an­tee or war­ranty. Any im­plied war­ranties of mer­chantabil­ity or fit­ness for a par­tic­u­lar pur­pose are lim­ited to the du­ra­tion of this Guar­an­tee. Weath­er­Gard makes no other guar­an­tees or war­ranties ex­press or implied.