Senior couple looking out a window

When to replace your windows

Are your window frames water damaged?

Feel the frames around your windows. Are they soft or sagging? That can be a sign of water getting in from the outside and eating away at the wood inside. It’s a big deal that can only get worse. It calls for a window replacement, preferably using higher quality windows and better installers this time. See all the options you have with WeatherGard’s commercial-grade windows for a permanent solution.

Do you have trouble opening and closing your windows?

It’s not you, it’s them. When windows aren’t properly installed they can be off-balance. That only gets worse over the years - especially with Michigan’s harsh winters - and can eventually become impossible to lock. WeatherGard uses twice as many materials in our windows than anyone else. That’s why our frames last more than 60 years.

Is your energy bill getting larger?

As much as 25% of the energy lost in homes is through outdated windows. Keep an eye on your energy bill. If it’s going up and you can’t figure out why then a window could be the reason. Call WeatherGard for a free consultation and we’ll help you lower your energy bill for decades.

Is it too loud in your home?

When windows are improperly installed and sealed or you have lower quality windows then you can hear road or neighborhood noise much easier than those who have triple-insulated glass, like the ones WeatherGard makes.

Can you find drafts and cold spots?

Trace your hand around the edge of any closed window in your home. Do you feel a draft or cold spots? If so, that’s a poorly-installed or faulty window and it needs to be replaced. Drafty windows can impact how much your furnace or air conditioner runs so spending a little now on a new window can save you a bunch for years. WeatherGard only employs experienced professionals for all our installations.

Are your windows fogged up?

When a seal breaks on a window, all the gas used in its construction leaks out and water and condensation fills it in. That’s where the fog comes from between the gas layers. WeatherGard windows have fusion-welded joints that never leak.