We’ve got every reason to be confident. The reason is simple: we offer a stronger window that stays in homes for decades, rather than the usual 7–12 years. None of our local competitors can honestly make the same claim.

Hansons Windows

Hansons has been serving Metro Detroit for many years and has a theme song every Detroiter knows by heart. But they don’t sell commercial grade vinyl windows; our window is heavier and stronger. While we make our windows here in Michigan, Hansons acts as a middleman, reselling economy-level products made elsewhere.

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Wallside Windows

Wallside Windows has been installing inexpensive replacement windows in Detroit since the 1950s. However, their windows are merely residential grade. If you want a tougher, longer-lasting window, you want WeatherGard.

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Majic Windows

Majic is known for installing expensive replacement windows. Unfortunately, their windows are fiberglass, which makes them substantially weaker than our commercial grade vinyl windows.

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Q: What makes WeatherGard windows stronger?

A: Well, it’s a bunch of things. Mostly, it’s:

  1. We use far more vinyl per window (that’s why our window is heavier).
  2. We use double-thick glass.
  3. We’ve carefully engineered the window’s internal reinforcing crossbeams.
  4. We use the highest quality vinyl available.
  5. Our quality control is meticulous.

Q: Are WeatherGard windows energy efficient?

A: Absolutely. In terms of energy efficiency, our windows are directly comparable to (or better than) our competitors’. The difference is that ours last far longer.