Which frame would you rather have in your house?

There’s a big difference. We make sure of that.

The windows don’t look so different. But they are. Our windows stand up to structural shift, and theirs don’t. That means our windows last longer—and they deliver excellent energy efficiency, too.

Ask yourself: How efficient is a Hansons window after its corners have cracked? So, you see our point.

Here is a comparison of WeatherGard and Hansons windows, including comparisons of their relative standing with respect to the most important AAMA standards:

Hansons WeatherGard
Made in Michigan
Cardinal® insulated glass
Lifelike woodgrain options
Excellent initial efficiency
Residential grade performance
Lt. commercial grade performance
Commercial grade performance
Architectural grade strength
Installed by a middleman

WeathedGard's double-hung surpasses architectural grade strength (1,920Pa), while mere residential grade windows are far weaker (720Pa).
The bar graph shows AAMA window performance grade load deflection numbers, comparatively.